Final Project College Cost Comparison May 7 – May 18, 2018


Final Project Spreadsheet Directions

Use the design described below to create an Excel or Google Spreadsheet and graph. Document the source of the costs for each college. Copy the URL from the cost page and paste it into your paper. This part is worth 34 points. (Due May 11, 2018)

This lesson is a reality check. Even though some of you may never want to continue your education in a post-secondary institution we are going to check out the cost of doing just that. How much does it cost to go to college? Did you know that usually a person with a college education makes more money than a person who doesn’t have one?

You will collect and then record information for 4 different colleges into an Excel or Google Sheets Spreadsheet. Here are the parameters of your spreadsheet:

  1. Open an Excel or Google Sheet document and change the name to College Cost Comparison.
  2. Set up a spreadsheet that looks like the example below.
Pic 1 Final Project.jpg

You are to include one of each of these:

  • A private 4 year college
  • A Colorado state public 4 Year College
  • A 4 Year out-of-state public college
  • A 2 year Colorado community college.

Using www.CollegeBoard.comto find our information for schools in the United States. You might need to create an account if you do not have one. Enter the cost information you find for each school into you Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Enter the name of each school and click on the Paying button in the left menu of the page. Copy the URL for the Paying page for each school and post it into your research paper.
  • Enter the costs for each of the four schools on separate lines.
  • Format the information using the following parameters (USE EXCEL HELP if you don't know how to format something):
    • The title in row 1 is Centered in Merged Cells A-K. It is SIZE 20 font.
    • Row 2 is Formatted to WRAP TEXT using SIZE 12 Font.
    • The cells where you will collect your information is SIZE 12 Font and Formatted to CURRENCY NO $ except for the last column.
    • You will need a formula in cells G, H, I, J to calculate the answers needed for these cells.
      • Column G is an autosum of all the information in cells B-F.
      • Column H needs a formula which multiplies cell G*102.4% Column H=G*102.4%, Column I =H *102.4%, Column J=I*102.4%

Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling. For college costs is twice the inflation rate for everything else. The average overall inflation rate is 2.4% per year.
**Because of inflation (increasing costs) each year you must adjust the cost of college to 2.4% more than the previous year
  • (Your Community College will only need amounts in G and H)
  • (Your Community College will include $1200 transportation since you will not be living at school but you will using a car to get to and from school)
  • Column K is the Grand Total. It requires that you add Columns G:J. Remember to put in your Dollar sign and format the number to be Red and BOLD.
  • Save this spreadsheet in the Google Classroom assignment.
  • Create a stacked column graph to show all of the costs for each school.
Pic 2 Final Project.jpg


Research the financial and social value of a college degree.

Rubric Final Project Essay

Here is one source of information about the Value of Education

Document your learning and cite your sources by writing a 5 paragraph paper describing what you learned about the cost and value of an education. You may use Google Docs or MS Word. This part of the project is worth 33 points (Due May 18, 2018.)

  • Be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and spelling.
  • Cite at least three sources you used in your research about the value of an education for paragraph 2. You can use the article above as one of these sources.
  • Cite the four pages from where you found the college cost information for paragraph 3.
  • Your paper should have 1 inch margins all around and use 12 pt. Ariel font.
  • Research and write paragraphs 2-3-4 before writing paragraphs 1 & 5

Outline for your paper

    1. Paragraph 1 – Introduction: Thesis --> What will you discuss in the following paragraphs? Hook!
    2. Paragraph 2 – Research findings: What financial and social value you can place on a college degree?
    3. Paragraph 3 – Your Spreadsheet: What will it cost to attend college? Why are some colleges more expensive than others?
    4. Paragraph 4 – Analysis of value of a college education as compared to costs. How does this impact your plans for the future? What did you learn? Your analysis.
    5. Paragraph 5 – Conclusion: Restate thesis and conclusion.
    6. Citations of at least three sources that you used to write your paper and four sources of college cost data.


Rubric Final Project Presentation

Using PowerPoint or Google Slides create a presentation that you will present on Starting on May 21, 2018 to the class describing the 4 colleges you chose and comparing the costs of each one. This part is worth 33 points. (Presentation is Due May 18, 2017)

  1. Use your Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet chart to describe the costs of each school.
  2. Reflect on the process you used to create your College Cost Comparison project
    1. What did you learn about the value and costs of an education?
    2. How will you use the information you learned?
    3. How will this information influence your plans for the future?