Each topic below has two websites listed. Your team will pick one of the topics. For each website you will fill in the information on the document called Source Savvy Student (SSS).
  1. Go to Mrs. Count's Classes on your desktop.
  2. Trust-magnifying-glass_27190381_XS.jpgOpen the SSS document and save it to your server folder.
  3. Each team will pick ONE of the topics below.
  4. Each partner will pick ONE of the two websites in their top.
  5. Each partner fills out Part 1 and Part 2 of the SSS Form for their chosen website.
    • When you are done filling out the document for YOUR website, check out the other website in your topic.
    • When you are both done discuss both websites with your partner.
  6. When you are done with Parts 1 and 2 go down this page for the directions to filling out Part 3!

Beluga Whales

  • Facts about Beluga whales - Website 1
  • Beluga Whale, Beluga Whale Profile, Facts, Information, Photos.... Website 2
American Civil War
Albert Einstein
  • Albert Einstein ? A Biography for Kids Website 1
  • American Museum of Natural History Website 2
Ancient China
  • Facts About Ancient China, The Great Wall of China, and the Terra.. - Website 1
  • Ancient China ? History for Kids! - Website 2

But wait, we're not done yet....
What does the URL mean and how can you use information found in the URL address to know if a site is reliable?
Click on Download and watch this slide show:
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Finish Part 3 of the SSS document.
Make sure your name is on it and print the document to turn in.