Definitions (from the Online Business Dictionary )

Resume -a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.
Cover Letter - Formal letter describing the accompanying documents and/or other items and the reasons for sending them
Job Application - Form or paper which indicates interest in a particular place of employment or position within a company. Typically requests personal identification information, such as name, address and phone number, as well as a history of job experience.

Resume Templates for students: (Thank you Mrs. Aragon for a majority of the templates!)

College in Colorado Steps to get to the resume builder:

1. Click o the link above
2. Try signing in with your student ID# and regular password
  • Create new account if you don't have one using your student ID# and 8-digit birthdate
3. Once you are logged in, click on Career Planning at the top.
4. Click on Resume builder and follow the steps. If you need help with addresses or zip codes, please ask!



  • Functional Resume
  • Traditional formats
  • Employers sometimes prefer
  • Emphasizes career growth
  • Highlights previous employers
  • Education and Experience is listed in reverse
  • Links skills to past positions
  • Documents a stable work history
  • Group Accomplishments Focuses on skills and abilities
  • First time job seekers Re-entering the workforce
  • Often omits employers and job titles
  • Downplays unstable work history For people with gaps in employment

Job Application Tips

  • Always tell the Truth.
  • Print answers, no cursive.
  • Leave no blanks insert N/A if “Not/Applicable.”
  • Do not scratch-out or white-out mistakes.
  • Never write “See Resume” ·Do not give your Social Security Number.
  • If salary is requested write negotiable or minimum wage.
  • Give only positive responses.

Job Search Tips

  • Make a home office (no space)? get a folder, mark it “Job Search”
  • Establish a Schedule
  • Set Goals
  • Get out of the house
  • Dress as you would for work