I would like to welcome you all of you to this class. I have high expectations for achievement this year. I know everyone will do quality work. During this class we will continue to learn about technology including the computer and the Internet. All students must agree to follow the rules of the computer lab, which are listed on the back page.

What you can expect from me:
  • This class will be interesting, informative and enjoyable.
  • This class will be objective and fair in all respects: discipline, grading, etc.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand and ask for help. If you need additional help, we can arrange a time for help during my planning periods or before and after school.

Hamilton’s 5 Ps and what I expect of you:
  • Prompt
    • Class attendance is a vital part of any class. It is essential that you attend class each day and be in your seat on time. If a class is missed due to illness or other reasons, you are responsible for finding out what was missed and for making up any work within the designated time.
    • Friday classes are the days to make up the work you missed. You can also arrange with me in advance to stay after school to complete work.
  • Polite
    • Be courteous. The person speaking should have everyone’s undivided attention.
    • Please do not disrupt the learning of other students by yelling, wandering, or otherwise disrupting class.
  • Participate
    • Be an active and positive student in this class by taking part in discussions and doing your work.
    • There should be no inappropriate talking or behavior in class. Non-class related activities including: personal grooming, off-task reading, texting, IMing, doing other homework, etc. should be done at another time.
  • Pride
    • Please treat the furniture and computers as if they are your own. Don’t write on them, pull off stickers, etc.
    • Clean up trash, even if it isn't yours.
  • Prepared
    • Save all work in the folder created specifically for you on the Hamilton server. Regardless of the reason, if project work is deleted before grading it will have to be redone to receive a passing grade.
    • Please do not plagiarize work from others, especially when doing research on the Internet.
    • Make sure you have approval before going on the Internet.
If you use common sense and follow the Hamilton 5 Ps you will have a great time in this class and learn a lot!