• Communication and Collaboration
    • Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.
    • Use a variety of computer software demonstrating a mastery of workplace technical skills.
      • Document production in Word Processing,
    • Writing and composition.


  • You will be able to verbalize the difference in narrative styles.
  • You will be able to write a first person narrative for your digital story.

Essential Questions

  • What is narrative point of view?
  • How is it determined?
  • How can a reader differentiate between the different points of view?
  • How are key words used to identify the point of view?

Link to our College Ready Vocabulary

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Entrance Exercise
March 25,2014
Finish working on your three graphic organizers from the class activity from yesterday. Print them out when you are done. There should be three (3) for each person/team.

March 24, 2014
In your Do Now document, please answer the following in your own words:
  • To a writer, what is narrative point of view? How does narrative point of view impact the story?
  • You may use the Internet to look up the information but I do not want it just copied and pasted. Please use your own words.

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