Checklist for Digital Story Completion

Make a timeline of what needs to get done and when you will do it and who will do what tasks. You should plan on recording during the last week. You might have to wait while others are recording so make sure you don't wait until the last minute. You also need to be quiet while others are recording.

If you want to save this page you can highlight the table and do a copy/paste into a Google doc.

Please make sure you are doing the following to ensure your digital story will be complete by the due date. Remember, it needs to be 3 or more minutes long.

Tasks to Complete

Check when complete

Plan your research.
  • This should take one or two days.
  • Complete and save ONE PER TEAM. Work together!
  • Make sure that you divide the work evenly. Don't research the same information.

After you have planned what you will research, use take detailed notes on your research. I do not mean just copy/paste the URL, although you need to do that.
  • This should take about 2 - 3 days.
  • Take notes in Google Docs
  • You are taking notes just like you would with a pen or pencil. Do not start looking for pictures or music yet.
  • You will need at least two to three full pages of notes EACH!
  • These notes will receive a grade so make sure to turn them into the Classroom when you are done.

Type your narrative/story in PowerPoint with the correct point of view using factual details from your research.
  • Remember 6 x 6 rule
  • Typically this is at least two pages.
  • You need at least 1 image per slide. You can use the picture as the background.

Start putting together your digital story in PowerPoint.
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Use all the features of the application.
  • Go step-by-step to get each piece of your digital story completed.

Ask for a microphone if you want to narrate your story.

Music is done LAST
  • Make sure the volume is not too loud that it overtakes your narration. It needs to be on a really low setting.
  • Make sure you have found an instrumental piece of music (no singing.)